I'm a wins and losses kind of guy.  The bottom line normally for me when watching and analyzing sports isn't how you played the game, but its if you win or lose.

Sometimes that can be a fault.  But when you get the opportunity to watch or experience societies kindness accompanied by a sporting event, its puts into perspective what the silver lining is behind competition, especially at the amateur level.

I was sent a email asking that I take 5 minutes to watch this video below.  I encourage you to do the same.


I am guessing you experienced chills, emotion, as did I, but again, the message for me is that sometimes moments like this are what makes sports great.

Watching Laurel's Seth Kraft talk about his passion for the game and then get the chance to see him live his dream with his teammates and the atmosphere surrounding the game, it made it as special as any buzzer beater or last second play I've seen.

And in that community, to his peers, family and community as a whole, Seth Kraft is as big of STAR as any player playing anywhere in any sport.

This video along with the others we've seen over the years have a special place in my heart and my memory, helping remind me of why this platform we know as sports, can be so influential.