The sneaker industry owes reparations to the ladies out there, and as a form of penance they’ve been giving the girls some amazingly slick silhouettes. The already-beloved adidas Superstar 80s has been given a signal boost thanks to the use of a special texture.

The model is already one of those evergreen styles, but every now and then it dips its toe into the pool of popular trends--for fresh results. The model’s leather upper is texturized to make it feel like faux-snakeskin and it's all-at-once catapulted into couture status. Things are kept classic, however, by way of colorway with a standard black on white build and golden trimmed branding.

We don’t know when this iteration of the adidas Superstar 80s will drop at adidas retailers but chances are that when it does the fellas will be sizing up to grab a pair as well.


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