Regardless of the outcome on Sunday, the torch will be handed off by Peyton Manning. The question now becomes who is going to be the new face of the NFL.

It's unclear who officially will be the new face of the NFL, but after this year Cam Newton is the obvious front runner. However, I think that it's because of how talented he is and not because of his disposition.

Manning and Newton are two very different characters. Newton is boisterous in the media and has a certain arrogance on the field. He doesn't back down to anyone and doesn't really care if people don't like him.

Manning is the quiet southern guy who gets excited on the field but doesn't dance around and excessively celebrate. He's the prototypical leader who is quiet but demands everyone's respect and gets the utmost authority.

Normally the face of the NFL is a quarterback but the problem is the lack of options. There's only a couple to choose from with limitations on age and skill. Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson.

Rodgers carries himself a bit like Newton in regards to arrogance on the field and he doesn't engage with the media well at times. He also had a pretty average year numbers wise. Luck is just kind of an odd bird if you hear him in interviews and he missed most of the year due to injury.

I think it will be between Newton and Wilson for the next couple of years. Wilson is a top tier quarterback and he is very liked among the league. He also does a good job of handling the media. Newton is just so talented and liked amongst the younger generation of NFL fans. It will be hard for the NFL to pass on such a popular player.

What do you think? Newton, Rodgers, Luck or Wilson. Take your pick and let me know on Twitter at @NickESPN991.

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