This is going to be one lesson that Marisa Martin will remember for a long time. Sometimes even jokes on social media can cost a person.

Last night a gunman opened fire at the library on the campus of Florida State University. Three students were wounded, and the gunman was shot down by police according to the Washington Post.

Martin, who is associated with ESPNU as a on-campus reporter, tweeted a 'joke' aimed towards Florida State University football quarterback Jameis Winston.

She immediately was called out for the joke, and received considerable backlash, but continued to stand by her opinions.

The problem? She's considered a public figure and these jokes are not taken lightly. An apology was also issued by the same account.

Following the apology tweet, the account was shut down on Twitter.

Martin then took to another Twitter account to say that her account was hacked and an investigation was underway.


Whether or not it ends up being true that her account was hacked, this is an important time to remind people that social media is more powerful than a person might assume. People do like to hide behind a keyboard, however any form of statement or joke could come back at a person.

Just be mindful of what is being posted on social media. Even if a tweet or post is deleted, it doesn't mean that it's gone forever.

Unfortunately for Martin, that is showing to be completely true.

Sometimes it's just better to live by the Herm Edwards rule of social media: "Don't Push Send."

No statement has been released by ESPNU regarding her status as an intern campus reporter.