Meet senior McKenzie Stone, she is a 5 foot 9 inch forward for the West Central Trojans and a athlete of the week here at ESPN 99.1.

Stone started playing basketball at a young age in Watertown where her father was a coach. She would tag along and go play when he would hold practice. When her family moved to West Central in fourth grade, Stone joined her first traveling basketball team.

Her motivation comes from wanting to perform to the best of her abilities and perform well for her father as well as her team. Stone emphasized the importance of teamwork for the Trojans. "They're a great team," said Stone. "It's always fun to play with them and to get to win."

Currently the Trojans are 3-2 on the season and have had a few barnburners already with Dakota Valley, Wagner and Lennox. The point differential for all three games was total of 12 points.

As a senior Stone has a decision to make about where she wants to continue her education in the fall. She has gotten offers from both Dakota Wesleyan and Dordt College but hasn't decided between the two.