One of the best aspects about sports is the team concept. The concept that brings about a sense of another family. A band of brothers or sisters competing towards a common goal greater than each individual.

What's even better than the "band of brothers" mentality is that same mentality, but through a religious brotherhood. The feeling that you are not only playing for your team, but for something far greater is exhilarating.

That is exactly what the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, or FCA, is all about and with the help of former NFL punter Brian Hansen, FCA is alive and well in South Dakota with flag football.

After an illustrious 15 year career in the NFL, the former Sioux Falls University graduate came together with the FCA to help bring the FCA and it's teaching to Sioux Falls in the form of flag football.

"Originally I knew very little about the FCA, except for the great teachings and what they stood for so when the opportunity presented itself to me I thought sports would be another great way for me to serve Christ," said Hansen.

Hansen loves what the FCA is all about and firmly believes in the impact of the FCA in sports.

"One of the biggest goals with the FCA through sports like football is to teach the word of God and what it means to serve him. Sports are used as a great teaching tool that God uses to teach us and help us develop," Hansen explained.

"Sports are great conduits for teaching important life lessons and the FCA does a wonderful job at that," Hansen later went on to explain.

With the help of his sons and their friends Brian helped usher in FCA flag football to Sioux Falls 14 years ago. With Hansen's football knowledge combined with the teachings from the FCA, flag football went from 70 kids the first year to over 650 kids today making up 62 teams.

There was so much support for FCA flag football in Sioux Falls that the FCA opened the same thing in Brandon. The message and comradery that comes from great people like Brian Hansen through the FCA will do that.

For anyone who is hesitant to mix sports and religion there is nothing to worry about. As a former FCA athlete I remember all of the good times I had learning the teachings of God through the use of sports. I remember feeling like I wasn't just a part of a team, but that I was a part of a family of athletes working towards a common goal.

From my athletes Bible to the teachings of Christ through the FCA taught me so much. It's a fun and gratifying experience which continues on thanks to the great work done by the FCA and wonderful individuals like Brian.

Joining the FCA will be an awesome experience for kids of any age. Age groups range anywhere from kindergarten to 6th grade. Flag football can be played either in the Sioux Falls or Brandon locations.

For flag football in Sioux Falls there are several days for each age group with 3rd-6th graders playing each Wednesday starting at 6:00 PM. Saturdays are for the first and second graders and if parents want, Brian and the rest of the FCA team have implemented a "K-ball" league for children in the kindergarten age group. All games are played at Riverdale Park.

For $145 the children receive jerseys, flags, and a lifetime's worth of fun and excitement. It truly is an experience both children and parents will never forget. There is fun for everybody and anybody who wants to be involved are more than welcome!

If anyone wants to join the gratifying world of FCA flag football Hansen encourages anyone to contact him or the FCA by visiting

Brian has blessed Sioux Falls with the chance for the children to get involved in something bigger than themselves by playing sports through Christ. So don't hesitate a moment longer, for those wishing to follow Christ while playing sports, join the FCA and great people like Brian Hansen. Have your kids join as soon as they can, it's a wonderful opportunity to learn how to play the game through the teachings of God by one of the best in the business: Brian Hansen.