Members of the media were given a tour of the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and some of the concession prices have been shown. Bring your wallet.

US Bank Stadium will not be following the Atlanta Falcons new idea of lower concession prices. There won't be any $2 sodas or pretzels, and beer for $5 might be considered a steal.

The prices that have been displayed, however, are not that out of the ordinary for a venue. Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press captured a photo of concessions at the Twin Cities Foodie stand that includes more of the snack items ranging from candy and nachos.

Rochelle Olson found a more standard concession stand that featured the prices for hot dogs and burgers. A hot dog will run $6 and a single burger is $9. This is fairly consistent with other venues such as the Target Center in Minneapolis.

A draft beer will run $9 for 20oz. As a comparison the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center in Sioux Falls offers 20oz domestic drafts, 16oz craft beers, or 16oz can beer for $7. Target Field in Minneapolis offers domestic beer for $7.50 for a small and $8.50 for a large. Pretty comparable overall.

US Bank Stadium will hold an open house to open the stadium on July 23.