Brock Huard may have to be impartial as an ESPN analyst, but you have to figure the former Washington state high school football player, University of Washington Huskies quarterback and Seattle Seahawks signal caller MIGHT have a little bit of bias when it comes to rooting for a winner in this Sunday's Super Bowl.

Huard joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday’s edition of Overtime on ESPN 99.1.

Huard on how others on Radio Row are discussing the Super Bowl:

I guess we're a little Seattle-centric. I'm haven't really gotten that feel. Phil Simms has seen this Denver Broncos team up-close and personal in this playoff run, and he picked Seattle. I look at offense vs. defense, and what's won out in time, not that anything happened in the Giants-Bills game in 1990, but what most often happens when you have an elite offense and elite defense? Typically, defense wins out and in this match-up, if Denver had an elite offensive line, if they had their left tackle, All-Pro, Ryan Clady, and a better group up front, I could understand it a little bit more. I know Peyton Manning, I backed him up for two years, and how better he makes his offensive line. If Brock Osweiler was playing behind that group, and run game, you have no chance for success. Peyton made that group go. They have been unbelievable and gotten better as year has gone on, but I will take the Seattle defense, and take this match-up. I think Seattle has a wonderful opportunity to lock them down.

Huard on who the guy is for Seattle, whether it's Harvin, Baldwin, or Tate:

That's the beauty of the game. Zach Miller could have a 100-yard day. It's going to be a run-first crew. They would love to throw it 24 times, that's about their sweet spot. If they are north of 30, that's because they are behind, getting out of some of their strengths. Off of that run is the play-action to tight ends, and wide receivers. You're not Peyton and it's not 40 pass attempts.

To hear more of Jeff Thurn's interview with Brock Huard, listen below. Jeff is live from New York City from Super Bowl 48 on Radio Row all week.