The Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace said Wednesday that the Bears are in negotiations with wide receiver Alshon Jeffery for a long-term deal.

Jeffery will easily be the best wide receiver in free agency this offseason if the two parties cannot come to an agreement.

Pace said that if a negotiation is not reached by Tuesday next week, that the organization may use the franchise tag on Jeffery.

"We're actively and aggressively negotiating right now," Pace said at the NFL combine. "We understand the deadline is Tuesday for the franchise tag. That's an option. We have until Tuesday to make that decision. But right now that's ongoing."

If Chicago uses that franchise tag on Jeffery, the one-year deal would be worth about $14.5 million.

Pace believes that Jeffery will overcome his injury-plagued season in 2015 and that he truly wants to stay with the Bears.

With the uncertainty surrounding the future of tight end Martellus Bennett, Chicago would be hit hard if they lose Alshon Jeffery.

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