Tonight's schedule features many games that will have playoff implications as we are just two weeks out from starting the postseason.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association has adopted the same seed point system for football as it does for basketball. The system takes into account wins and losses against the records of the teams played. This leads to a scenario in which a team with a worse record could actually be seeded higher than a team with a better record.

The seed point system:

Opponent Win Percentage:
Tier 1: .750 and above: 50 points for win, 39 for loss
Tier 2: .500-.749: 47 points for win, 36 for loss
Tier 3: .250-.499: 44 points for win, 33 for loss
Tier 4: .249 and below: 41 points for win, 30 for loss.

Teams wins and losses are adjusted throughout the season and not based on when a team is played. The seed points are determined by averaging total points by amount of games.

It also makes it very difficult to play out scenarios for the playoffs because of the amount of variables in play. Here's some of what I've been able to piece together.

Teams That Can Move Seed Point Position:
Brandon Valley (up to Tier 1 with win. Remains at Tier 2 with loss)
O'Gorman (up to Tier 1 with win. Remains at Tier 2 with loss)
Aberdeen Central (up to Tier 2 with win. Remains at Tier 3 with loss)
Watertown (Tier 3 with win. Tier 4 with loss)

The Battle for the Top Seed
Sioux Falls Roosevelt and Sioux Falls Washington are both 6-1 on the year, but Roosevelt has a seed point advantage of 44.143 to 43.714. Roosevelt is only able to gain 41 points tonight with a win, or 30 points with a loss to Rapid City Central (0-7). Washington is hosting Rapid City Stevens (2-5) and has the opportunity to grab 44 points with a win or 33 with a loss.

The other factor for the top seed will be the game between Aberdeen Central (3-4) and Watertown (1-6). The only way this would be a factor though is only if Roosevelt and/or Washington loses tonight. Roosevelt opened the season beating Aberdeen Central, while Washington defeated Watertown (1-7) last week. Roosevelt and Washington will pull for the team they beat, as whichever team wins will lead to a three point increase for either Roosevelt or Washington.

See where this becomes a little crazy just one week out? The lucky part is that if both teams win tonight then next week becomes a battle for the top seed regardless of the outcome of Watertown and Aberdeen Central.

Seeds 3-5 All Up For Grabs
As of now Sioux Falls O'Gorman (5-2) holds a slight edge over Brandon Valley (5-2) for the 3rd seed (head-to-head tiebreaker) but that can easily all change tonight. O'Gorman is hosting Huron (2-5) while Brandon Valley and Sioux Falls Lincoln (4-3) meet at Howard Wood Field. Lincoln still has an outside shot at the third seed but would need to beat Brandon Valley this week and O'Gorman next week.

The Final Spot Can Also Switch...But Will Take A Lot
Rapid City Central (0-7) is seeking their first win on the year. They still have to play Roosevelt tonight and Rapid City Stevens next week. By the looks, mathematically, Rapid City Central would need to beat Roosevelt tonight, plus have Watertown lose out for a shot at the playoffs. A loss against Roosevelt and a win the following week against Rapid City Stevens would not be enough for the Cobblers.

We'll have a much more clear path to playoff seeds following tonight. Tonight's game between Brandon Valley and Lincoln can be heard on 1140 KSOO at 8:00.