What athlete outside the four major sports in the US are must see TV in the United States outside Connor McGregor?

The answer is not an easy one and when you think about the current landscape of transcendent athletes.

Within the UFC, Rhonda Rousey is the only name that would come close to the branding power and pure desirability as McGregor.

Outside the UFC, every four years as of late, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt have fit that mold, but because the Olympics are only every four years, the momentum of their desirability is minimized and fades quickly.

In the past we've seen greats like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson be that mega star to drive attention to a non top four pro sport in America.

Recently we've seen Roger Federer and especially Tiger Woods do the same thing and captivating all sports fans to pay attention to their greatness.

The fact that Connor McGregor talks the talk and walks the walk gives way to the comparisons of Ali in his prime.  The lightning quick knockouts in his weight class give us glimpses of the power of Tyson during his hay day.

Plus, the pure number of spectators and world wide interest has to bring comparisons to Sunday's when Tiger Woods was in the lead in a major.

Unfortunately, the pay per view prices of McGregor's fights does deter some, but the when you look at the pay per view numbers and the live gate sales, it is clear, that people will pay A LOT of money to see McGregor fight at an elite level.

No matter what Connor McGregor does with the rest of his career, the last 18 months and whatever happens until his eventual decline like all the aforementioned greats, the time-frame we are currently in will always be considered must see TV!

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