On a recent trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness we had a campsite treat.  Campfire pizza!  
We packed light on this trip to Knife Lake which meant lots of dried, non-perishable foods.  I travel with family and friends who are camping veterans, so we never eat poorly on these trips.

On this trip our buddy Brian whipped up pizzas for the group.  None of the ingredients needed refrigeration.  It was all packed in our bear barrel.

 In this video you'll see him cook up 2 pies.  He did this 3 times.  So we had plenty of great tasting pepperoni pizzas for everyone.  

If you are planning a camping trip you will want to try this.  The video will show you how to do it.  It was a fun camp activity and it tasted like pizzaria pizza.  Darn good!