By Sanford Children's Hospital

Ona is a little princess. She loves clothes and drawing fairies and princesses, and she has spent quite a bit of time in a castle … Sanford Children’s Hospital Castle of Care.

Ona’s journey began when doctors discovered the unimaginable: a tumor the size of a baseball in her brain. It was an unbelievable diagnosis for her mother to hear and a very scary situation for a little girl to face.

After many months of treatment at Sanford Children’s, the region’s only Children’s Miracle Network hospital, Ona is now cancer-free. She plans to stay that way because she has big plans for her future. When she grows up, she wants to be a “clothes modeler.” She and her mom both look forward to getting back to that the fun of pageantry, her favorite activity. But more than anything, Ona and her mom look forward to having a sense of normalcy again.

Ona’s favorite word is HOPE! It’s her middle name, and it’s her attitude. Ona has endured a lot in the past couple of years, but it’s all led to this place ... she has been cancer-free for more than three years, and she plans to stay that way.


Sanford Children's Hospital