Meet this week's HotPic: Danessa Elreya. Yes, this gorgeous 25-year-old actress and model of Panamanian/Colombian/Cherokee heritage could stop a charging rhino in its tracks. Yes, she has a resume that includes print, runway, commercials, promotions, music videos, theatre, TV and film. Yes, she was Miss Georgia Latina. Yes, she sports eye-popping numbers of 36 | 26 | 36!

But that's NOT why we picked her. We picked her because she is a hard-core comic nerd!

That's right, this beautiful lady is a self-described Super Dork and is "obsessed with all things Marvel," paranormal and sci-fi. Heck, her Instragram account is SpiderGirl123 and her Facebook page sports a Marvel cover photo.

I don't remember seeing women like her at my comic book shop.

You can follow Danessa on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Model Mayhem.