The movie Draft Day was an overly predictable informercial for the National Football League.

Now, before we all jump and question how it could be, it wasn't completely terrible but it left a lot to be desired.

There wasn't anything really to learn while watching the movie. Better yet, it just looked like the NFL's attempt to get a "Moneyball" type of hit. I've always found the inside story of sports teams to be very intriguing, and this kind of gave me an appetizer.

There's always that friend that has to talk about his Madden NFL franchise mode. When they do, they typically will talk about the trades that were made, the free agents picked up, and what players they released in situations. That friend can go on about it for hours (we've all done it, I'm even guilty) and the person listening just kind of listens.

That is essentially what this movie is. If the ESPN crew, NFL Network cast, and Roger Goodell were all removed, it would be nothing more than a man telling you about his Madden NFL franchise mode for two hours.

The movie is built around the drama of Sonny Weaver Jr (played by Kevin Costner) acquiring the top pick in the draft and what he was going to do with it. He encounters the decision to take a top "sure fire" QB, the hometown running back, or a freak of an athlete that everyone would kill him for taking right away because he plays defense. It becomes predictable throughout the movie what direction he will go.

Add on the outside issues of his secret girlfriend and salary cap advisor Ali Parker (Jennifer Garner) being pregnant, his mother trying to run the team, his owner wanting a splash, and his head coach trying to dictate the draft, the plot attempts to thicken but never really gets there.

There was a few extra characters, but for the most part they added no significance to the movie outside a laugh or two.

Outside the movie plots and the attempted twists that they threw, what it did do for me is get me excited for the NFL Draft next month. I thought the movie did a great job in that sense. People leaving the theater kept saying that they couldn't wait for the draft to begin.

It might not have appealed to a wider audience like this one, but I think it would have been much better if they would have done it HBO Hard Knocks style and followed an actual NFL GM as a "fly on the wall." Most teams have a problem letting a camera into the locker room for training camp, so I know it's wishful thinking that a GM would allow one into the war room.

If you are a hardcore football fan, the movie is worth a watch just to build excitement for the big day next month. If you are just a casual fan, or not a fan, I wouldn't suggest it.

Overall: **/*****