Today, in the third coldest game in NFL history, the Minnesota Vikings did what they do as well as any sports franchise in history, snatch a crushing defeat from the jaws of victory. Kicker Blair Walsh duck hooked a 27 yard field goal wide left that sent purple clad fans crashing to the floor and shouting expletives all over the frozen plains. I was one of them, though there is no video of me dropping to my hands and knees and yelling words I can't say on the radio. I'm sorry I don't. It would probably be as funny as these guys and gals.

These people may be Minnesota nice, but they cuss like sailors when the Vikings choke. Be warned, NSFW language abounds in the following videos.

This one most closely resembles my reaction. But I didn't have a dog to comfort me.

Another drop to the floor with f-bombs.

This guy thinks he's showing up Walsh by kicking his own field goal in the snow. But he should know better than to wear a Brett Favre jersey. He's in the Packers hall of fame. You can't wear that #4 anymore.

Fans in the stadium didn't even realize it right away. They probably should have.

This woman immediately removed her jersey following the loss. Her child doesn't see the torturous irony of their post-Finkle cheer.

This guy was so sad.

Don't blame Blair Walsh for missing the kick. It's all this guy's fault for overconfidence. Vikings fans know better. He must be new.

Of course, Seahawks fans reacted as well. I've never spontaneously dropped my pants with joy, but whatever floats your boat.