Apparently Greg Hardy is pursuing an MMA career since he cannot stay off the powder (or any substances). There's also the minor issue that he can't get anyone to sign him in the NFL.

According to, multiple promotions have shown interest in Hardy after it was reported that he had been training the past couple months.

Yeah, I attended a couple Muay Thai classes at the local gym one time.

I'll confess that I don't watch a lot of Mixed Martial Arts, nor have I ever stepped into a ring and fought anyone who's been trained in MMA. But I have watched enough of these fights and boxing to know that I wouldn't want to mess with one of these guys, even if I had trained for months... or a year.

Hardy doesn't have a background in Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu or even wrestling for that matter. Most of the guys that go into MMA tend to have a background in one of those areas or at least something similar to those.

Most of these MMA fighters train for YEARS and have backgrounds in a certain style that eventually propels them into the octagon-style of fighting (hence Mixed Martial Arts). Now, imagine the guys that have trained for years and are also 265 pounds or more.

If Hardy sticks with this and receives a deal, which is very likely because of his name, he's going to get the living crap kicked out of him for multiple reasons:

  1. He's inexperienced and hasn't trained long enough to know what will and won't work. He'll try to perform a move on someone whose seen that move a 100 times and get knocked out cold.
  2. There's a VERY big difference from practicing or messing around at the gym than actually getting into a real fight. Trust me on this one. In sparring or training he's probably not going to be taking a round house to the head or a solid right hook.
  3. Despite being 285 and strong as an ox, the athleticism in MMA compared to the NFL is quite different. The guys in MMA are probably going to be quicker and more nimble than anything he's ever seen in the NFL. There's a very big difference between being quick and having great elusiveness as well.
  4. He's going to run into someone who thinks he's the scum of this earth and he's going to learn the hard way. Hardy doesn't have a lot of fans and nor should he. But I'm willing to bet there would be a lot of heavyweights hanging around the octagon that would love to get their hands on this "alleged" woman beater.

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