An impromptu haircut almost cost a South Dakota high school boys basketball team a game this week.

Red Cloud was in Rapid City for the Lakota Nation Tournament, getting ready to play Crow Creek in an opening round game, when they made a startling discovery - their bus - with ALL of their game shoes - was missing.

It turns out the Crusaders' bus driver, who wasn't aware the shoes were on the bus, decided that was the perfect time for him to get a 'little off the top' at a local barber shop.

The miscommunication was finally cleared up just moments before tip off, and Red Cloud head coach Christian McGhee told the Rapid City Journal, the incident definitely rattled his team:

We didn’t come out with the intensity that we should have.

I think part of that was our bus not being here and the guys got a little worried about their stuff.

We had a little miscommunication and the bus driver went to get his hair cut and didn’t get back here until there were about five minutes left in the game before ours.

But they came around and we got the win, which is what matters.

It all ended well for Red Cloud.  They ended up beating Crow Creek 81-51, and their bus driver was sporting a nifty new 'do for the ride home.