Break out the jokes regarding Mount Rushmore, if there is an airport, and more when it comes to Sioux Falls. They were out there on Monday night when the Sioux Falls Regional was announced. Time to give them a little Sioux Falls lesson.

We live a great quality of life here in South Dakota. Here in Sioux Falls we are able to experience sporting events that other cities our size would dream of. The Sioux Falls Sports Authority does a great job of bringing the best in entertainment to our great venues. That includes the Division I Women's Basketball Regional this year.

It was quite the cool feeling to watch the bracket selection show (thank you ESPN for only making it an hour) and to see "Sioux Falls Regional" pop up. I felt overly proud of our town and state.

For others around the country, the idea of a "Sioux Falls Regional" is baffling. Between the thinking of being located next to Mount Rushmore, to how to pronounce the town, there was plenty of questions going around on the Twitter-sphere. Even South Carolina's Associate Athletic Director Eric Nichols wasn't excited to see the news (He did later clarify that he was more upset that they weren't geographically placed).

But others decided to go on a scavenger hunt dealing with Sioux Falls.

Yes. We do have an airport and it's actually very nice.

Hmm...Whatever helps you.

Sure. Just need to go 4 hours west on Interstate 90 at 80 MPH. Oh yes, we do have interstates also.

How does Sioux Falls get a regional? The answer is simple. We offer great facilities and hospitality that stacks up with (and even beats) other cities hosting them. Not to mention, there is a ton of support for women's basketball in South Dakota.

Let's show the doubters how great of a town this is. Tickets are available for the event through Ticketmaster. The NCAA Division I Women's Sioux Falls Regional takes place on March 25 and March 27. The top four teams in the region entering the tournament are South Carolina, Arizona State, Ohio State, and Syracuse.

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