Nine out of ten times when the NFL is in town, the rest of the city takes notice and when it's a Super Bowl or an event like the NFL Draft, most cities would revolve solely around them.

Not the case in the big apple.

I have covered five Super Bowls and this past January when I was in New York City, it seemed as if the Super Bowl was only a inconvenience to the normal flow of Manhattan and the folks who call NYC home.

All of which I get... As you walk through Time Square, or the financial district, or wherever, you find yourself immersed in the hustle of bustle of normal New York City life.  Yet in January there was the biggest sporting event in the United States about to kick off and it was still "just another day".

Then over the last 48 hours as we prepared for the start of the NFL Draft, it seemed even more off the map than the SB.

It just fascinates me to observe this occur.  I've been to numerous NFL games across this great country and from the Friday I normally arrive to the Sunday of the game, its the talk of the town.  Yet when the NFL Draft and Super Bowl came to the big apple, it was just another event in the city that never sleeps.

Until you actually experience what it is like, it may be hard to understand how it differs from other Super Bowls and NFL Events, but only New York City could absorb such activities and have them proceed as such.