When I first heard about it the first thing I thought was "The what?" After checking it out and looking into it further I feel like it is a genius rifle product to have put out. You take is the customizable features of the most popular style of rifle in the country, the AR, then combine it with the cost-cutting bolt action Ruger American and you've given birth to the Ruger Precision Rifle.

Available in .308 Winchester and two .308 parent case calibers, .243 Winchester and the Hornady designed 6.5 Creedmoor, the Ruger Precision Rifle comes with a much more affordable price tag than I expected. While the MSRP is $1,399 I have seen the .243 version in a store for just over $1,000.

What would you use this thing for aside from long range target shooting? I think you could easily use it for deer hunting. The available calibers are right for it. It's not excessively heavy, weighing about the same or slightly more than a walnut stocked Remington 700 at 9 - 11 pounds. And while the .243 version can be as long as 47 inches, the stock can be folded to make it shorter on the move.

I have yet to shoot one and I'm dying to get my hands on one. Since I can't show you a hands on shooting video, here are a few I found that tell the story well without taking too long.

KY Gun Co


H&H Shooting Sports

Also from Sporting South Dakota: