This morning I looked at my phone and got the email I was anxiously anticipating. The subject line read "GFP DRAW RESULTS" in all caps to further drive my anxiety. The email body text read:



We have recently completed a limited issue drawing for the 2015 DRAW #1 BLACK HILLS DEER Season.


Your application was unsuccessful in Choice #1 BH101 Choice #2 BH111


It is not the end of the world, and I got the preference point and will be able to count on going to the Black Hills hunting next year, but it's still a little crushing. A friend and I had been talking and planning the trip a little bit. I didn't book the cabin I was hoping to get, fortunately. Or today I would be paying the cancellation fee.

The process of applying, waiting, thinking and planning, and then receiving the email that gives you the good or bad news is so long and drawn out that it can drive you a little nuts. At least I only waited three or four weeks to find out on my Black Hills deer application. The deadline for East River isn't until August 28 so I still have over a month of waiting for the news on that one. The suspense of not being able to plan for real is driving me nuts.

On the bright side, I'm not alone. No one without a preference point got a license for the Black Hills. 1,139 applicants with one preference point did not get a tag issue. A total of 3,500 resident and 280 nonresident tags were issued.

West River Draw 1 results are also out.

Hopefully you got good news today.