As I write that headline, I have the "I kissed a girl" hit from Katy Perry in my head, so you are warned, this could get a little crazy.


But yes, I watched some soccer and I liked it!

I liked it so much, that I watched some more... and some more... and you guessed it, some more.

Whether it was the Copa America or the Euro 2016, I found myself on numerous occasions sitting down to watch a little soccer.

Now I don't know many of those involved other than the mega stars, but it is a sport where that isn't as necessary as maybe the NBA or NFL, but it doesn't take away form the product in my opinion.

I even once compared watching soccer to watching snails race and was quickly scolded by Augustana's head Women's Soccer coach Brandon Barkus.

Since then, I have been open to the idea of bring more soccer into my life and this summer was a prime example of that.

I think there were a couple of factors that made it more of an intriguing entertainment option, including the fact that the Euro's were on during the day, allowing me to fill my sports buffet all day long, not just in the evening.

Furthermore, the level of completion at that level is so pristine, it makes watching the product way more appeasing to the eyes.

Add in the fact that there are no commercials during the game itself, my short attention span approves of that as well.

So will I be running out and grabbing a Messi or Ronaldo jersey this week? Well the answer is NO, but I will continue to stop on a channel with some soccer instead of flying past it on my TV.

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