It's been a question of whether he wanted to walk away from Cleveland, but it appears that Kyrie Irving has inked a new deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers worth $90 million over the next five seasons.

According to ESPN, that's the max deal that would have been allowed under the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement. If he wouldn't have accepted the deal, he would have been stuck in Cleveland for two more years as it is.

I guess if you put it that way, I'd take the $90 million also to stay an extra three years. With a max deal, Irving will be surrounded by a nucleus that includes Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Wiggins...and Anthony Bennett? Whatever the case, Irving is a rich man.

With that comes pressure. With a $90 million paycheck sitting above his head, Irving is officially "The Guy" in Cleveland. It will be up to him to make it happen in the eyes of the fans and Gilbert. Luckily for Irving, the pressure to win immediately won't be excessive. Give it a couple years and we'll see where the franchise sits.

And if it fails, well at least for Irving he is taking $90 million to the bank.