Drive around Sioux Falls in the summer and you are likely to see boats and campers parked in driveaways and in front of homes. Did you know this is criminal activity? Yep, you're breaking the law if your boat, or camper, or pretty much any recreational vehicle, is in your driveway.

If that sounds stupid to you that is because it is.

So why is this a law? I found an article from 2010 that cited the city saying it was a "safety concern" and not merely for aesthetics. RVs, boats, and campers are hard to see around when backing out of a driveway. SUV's and trucks are equally hard to see around, so is it really about safety? I doubt it.

What are you supposed to do with your boat or camper? Put it in your garage or in your back yard or on the side of your house. But it can only be in your back yard or side yard if you pour a slab of concrete or asphalt.

So be glad our city is looking out for us when it comes to the scourge of boats and campers parking in front of houses.