There are some wonderful places in this world, but one for me that I have always loved to visit is the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

However, the last couple of times I have made it to the area, I've been greeted with rain and apparently the rain likes me so much it stays throughout the whole trip.

This time no different. Rain when we arrived and rain throughout the trip.

The rain though doesn't define the south Florida area as it is STILL is one of my favorite places to visit, but it isn't the greatest place on earth.

At one point I thought so, the beach, the beautiful people, the usually good weather, sports and did I mention the beach all were reasons years back I would of answered YES to my original question.

But as you get older, hanging out til 6am at clubs and partying night after night just isnt in the cards for a 30 year old or at least this 30 year old.

So now I'm hanging out with more of the white hairs at 6pm dinners and 7am breakfasts on the beach.  Great stuff, but not what I'd call the greatest place on earth.

Plus as a sports fan, I have to quickly dig on the Miami fans. Whether it's the late arriving crowds at Heat games, the non existant Marlins fans and the half filled Sun Life Stadium for both Canes and Dolphins games does take a little luster from the allure of the area too.

All things considered, I'd come to Miami anytime I can, but once my FAVORITE, now a Top10 vacation spot for yours truly.