Those big, fat paychecks Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams get each season for going on the road to get steamrolled by Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams are about to come to an end - at least in the Big Ten Conference.

Over the weekend, Big Ten Presidents and Athletic Directors voted to stop scheduling FCS teams, effective 2016. Those games typically pay FCS teams between $300,000 to $500,000 per contest.

The vote puts in question the status of South Dakota State's 2019 game at Minnesota.  The Gophers also have a 2016 date with another Missouri Valley Conference team, Indiana State, that may have to be cancelled.  Also in the Missouri Valley Conference, North Dakota State is scheduled to play at Iowa in 2016.

In a February USA Today story, Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez was quoted as saying on his radio show:

The non-conference schedule in our league is ridiculous. It's not very appealing.

The move is part of a Big Ten plan  to move to a nine-game conference schedule starting in the 2016 season.

That will require both Minnesota an Nebraska to adjust their 2016 schedules, as thev need to go from four non-conference games to three.

Minnesota's 2016 schedule already includes games against New Mexico State (home), Indiana State (home), Miami University (road) and Colorado State (home), while Nebraska's 2016 schedule includes games against Fresno State (home), Tennessee (home), Wyoming (home) and Northern Illinois (in Chicago).