After a 17-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, it's more than evident that the Packers offense is still off track from last season. It's time that Green Bay takes a hard long look in the mirror and decides if they're going to go back to being one of the best or stay mediocre.

Aaron Rodgers doesn't have that Rodgers swag and the receivers aren't running smooth routes that usually make the two so unstoppable. Rodgers had only 20 completions for 213 yards, one touchdown and one interception for a 70.7 passer rating.

Part of the problem is Rodgers holding the ball too long instead of just throwing to his receivers and giving them an opportunity to make a play. He's playing too conservative and too apprehensive. But a large part is Mike McCarthy needing to swallow his pride, stop trying to show how smart he is (cause he's not) and stop making the offense way too complicated.

Example one. 3rd and 14 with the game on the line. Davante Adams is in single coverage against Trae Waynes, who had been getting beaten like a punching bag all night. Instead of running a slant route that was wide open or a fly route, McCarthy has Adams run a double move to the outside on the long side of the field. What the hell? Why would you not put Jordy Nelson on Waynes' side and make Waynes defend Nelson on a fade route or comeback route? At the least just let Adams run a fly or comeback route?

Example two. 4th and 2 on the Vikings 14-yard line. McCarthy elects to go for it against a loaded Minnesota box by handing the ball off to not Eddie Lacy, but James Starks. What the hell? First off, why would you not let Rodgers throw the ball against one on one coverage? Secondly, why would you hand off to a scat back and not you're starting running back who's a bulldozer. Thirdly and most obvious, why wouldn't you just take the field goal in the middle of the third quarter and tie the game?

Example three. If you watch how Aaron Rodgers threw the ball against Minnesota, you'll notice how he almost just flicks or floats the ball on a lot of his passes instead of putting it on a rope like we've been accustomed to seeing. It's almost like he's unsure of where the receiver is going to be after he throws the ball. I think part of that is because of the over complicated and time reliant routes McCarthy is having the receivers run. Green Bay has a very average line which does not allow for complicated or time reliant routes but yet McCarthy wants double move routes from his guys.

Defensively it's honestly pretty simple. Dom Capers is living lala land and if you can't see that you are too. The system that he's trying to run with the current defensive roster is so washed up that it makes me sick.

Green Bay the past decade has been very matchup oriented with their cornerbacks. That works when you have Charles Woodson taking away the best receiver every game. However, since he's left town this style of defense has widened the area of attack for opposing offenses.

Outside of Sam Shields (who didn't play Sunday) none of the Packers cornerbacks have any business being in one-on-one coverage with no safety help. Letting Casey Hayward walk might really hurt the Packers this season if Sam Shields is out for a long period of time. If Shields is done for this season and even if he's not, the Packers might benefit from trading for a cover cornerback to fill his shoes.

Damarious Randall got taken behind the woodshed last night but it's not all his fault. Capers needs to know that Randall cannot stay with Stefon Diggs and give the poor guy some help.

I am okay with loading the box but not every.. single.. down. Especially not on third and six or blatantly obvious passing situations. Plain and simple, Capers either needs to start running some damn zone to help his young corners this season or he needs to go and go soon.