It’s no secret that Josh Norman is one of the best in the business. He has limited opposing wide receivers all season to low yardage numbers.

On Monday at Super Bowl Media Night, a reporter asked Norman whether he was concern about going up against Demaryius Thomas. Here was his response.

Research done by NFL Network proved exactly how good Norman was against big physical receivers up until week 13.

Norman got the better of Odell Beckham Jr. too four days after that tweet. When lined up against him, Beckham Jr. managed four catches for 30 yards and a touchdown in week 14.

In the reporter's defense he was referring to Julio Jones shredding the Dallas secondary not Norman. Also Jones did have four catches for 80 yards against Norman in week 16.

Even with week 15 Jones 80 yards, Norman has had a heck of a season against receivers and Thomas at Super Bowl 50 will be his final test.

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