The man that knocked out Teddy Bridgewater last week has now been fined by the NFL.

St. Louis Rams defensive back Lamarcus Joyner was fined $23,152 for his illegal hit on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater last Sunday

Some called his hit dirty, some called it a unfortunate situation.

One of those calling it a unfortunate situation was one of Teddy's own teammates in Minnesota as Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway said on my radio show this week that he's been "in that situation one hundred times and that you have to make the right decision in a split second".

Clearly as Greenway eluded to, Joyner didn't make the right decision but that doesn't make it any easier to accomplish, nor does it mean he had intent.

The NFL decided not to suspend Joyner and I think a almost $24,000 fine is just in this case and I think we can all put this one to bed.