This week, the advisory board presented an idea that should of been shot down as soon as it was presented.

The idea comes from a bunch of tiny schools on the west side of South Dakota as they try to hand out participation ribbons to all that participate in high school sports.

We already have such a weak football system in the state in which the powers at be already screwed up by adding a 7th class of high school football, now they are trying to equally water down high school basketball with a 4th class.

Class C would split up Class B schools as the proposed "Sweet 16" model is being discussed for all levels of high school basketball in regards to the playoffs.

The very flawed argument being made by these schools is that with 80 schools in Class B, that with only 16 schools making the playoffs, that geographically they would lose representation throughout the state.

First of all, geography should have absolutely nothing to do with it.  It should solely be about the best 16 teams in Class B making the playoffs.

Secondly, they argue that school pride and moral would be diminished so much if their basketball team doesn't make the playoffs that it would be detrimental to the school long term.  That just sounds petty.

We need to reduce the number of teams across the board in this state that make the playoffs already and now they want to add more classes. People with sense on this topic are laughing at the idea.

The experience that is guaranteed is the regular season experience and if your team stinks or isn't as good as the top 16, then you don't get the playoff experience.  The playoffs shouldn't be for the mediocre, it should be for the elite.

And to really quick address the argument of larger populated areas dominating over other areas.  That is life.  People are moving from rural areas more and more because those more populated areas offer more including opportunities to progress athletically.

Either make the training in your rural areas more year round, combine with other schools to combine the talent or simply quit complaining.

Please pass this message on to the powers at be so they can save some money by stopping this passing out of participation ribbons.