Detroit Tigers pitcher for now, Max Scherzer got run over by the Tigers team bus.  And then they backed it up over top of him.

No, not literally, but figuratively.

On Sunday, it was reported by that Scherzer declined a offer from the Tigers that would pay him somewhere in the ball park of $24 Million a year.

Then, after the report came out detailing out the declined offer, the Tigers organization issued a statement basically throwing their own pitcher under the bus and insinuating that Scherzer was "Greedy".

The statement itself is one of the most ridiculous moves I've seen a organization do in a long time.  What are you accomplishing by issuing such a statement?

The public already was debating how "greedy" Scherzer was considering his lack luster postseason play accompanied with the fact that he isn't even the ace on his own team yet he wants to turn down $24 Million per year.

But by issuing the statement, the Tigers look petty and come off like the date trying to get revenge after getting stood up.

I understand the power struggle during negotiations, but in a day and age where pitchers garner the bank wherever they go, with Scherzer being able to sign anywhere after the 2014 season, the Tigers better play their cards right otherwise he could be in a different uniform in 2015.