The Minnesota Timberwolves are still coach-less as it stands right now. Last word is that two of the names near the top of the list are Sam Mitchell and Vinny Del Negro.

We opened up the phone lines to discuss who Timberwolves fans would prefer as their coach. With knowing that Kevin Love is on his way out of Minnesota, the excitement surrounding fans seems to be at a huge low.

The Wolves will only really have Ricky Rubio to market. Just think about that for a second. While he isn't terrible, he also isn't going to sell a ton of season tickets to say the least. One of our listeners responded to Jeff Thurn about his thoughts on the coaching situation.

Can't say I disagree. Without any form of a roster, it's going to be very tough for any coach to come in and be successful. At this point, aim for a prospect coach to build with a prospect team.

Or we'll just wait for Flip to put the coaching shoes on again. Hopefully the coaching announcement and hire generates some interest for the Wolves.