The annual NBA Lottery selection is tonight and the Minnesota Timberwolves have a chance at the top pick. That chance though? .6%.

So you're saying there is a chance?

Technically yes. After news broke out this past weekend about Kevin Love wanting out of Minneapolis, the Wolves will be looking for a bit of luck tonight in the lottery. It's going to take more than that.

The Timberwolves' chances of landing a top three pick is much better at 2.18%. That is much better to get into the top three. The worst pick that Minnesota could fall to is 14. There is a catch though.

Phoenix sits at pick 14. If the Phoenix Suns manage to get a top three pick in the lottery, Minnesota would fall to pick 14. The Timberwolves owe the Suns a first round pick, and is top 13 protected. Meaning that if Phoenix is able to get into the top three, they will also take Minnesota's pick at 14.

Chances of that happening are next to none, as Phoenix has a 1.8% chance of getting a top three pick. Plus, it has never happened where a team slotted 14th has jumped to a top pick slot.

If the Timberwolves don't get jumped by Phoenix, and don't get a top three pick, they will stay at 13. Minnesota also has three picks in round two at picks 40, 44, and 53.

The NBA Draft Lottery happens tonight at 7:00 on ESPN.