The Minnesota Twins like to have a little bit of fun outside of the baseball diamond. The bullpen pulled a great prank on bullpen coach Eddie Guardado.

Glen Perkins has to be one of the jokesters in the locker room. Last year, with the help of then manager Ron Gardenhire, Perkins was able to prank Mike Pelfrey by having him "hype up" who he thought was Wichita State on the phone. It's worth another watch.

Perkins was at it once again, and this time got his coach Guardado to almost jump out of his pants. Perkins set up a camera opposite of Guardado's locker while reliever Brian Duensing hid behind the jerseys with an airhorn.

You see where this is going? Perkins released the entire video on social media of the overly funny reaction Guardado had once the airhorn was blown.


At this point, I would pay for a full DVD release of just baseball pranks. Great job Perkins and the Twins bullpen on another great prank.