The NFL Color Rush jersey phenomenon isn't going away and the Minnesota Vikings will participate in their Thursday Night Football game against Dallas.

Last year the NFL debuted the idea of the color rush jerseys in an attempt to get people to purchase a new jersey...or to just spice up Thursday night football. It was probably a combination of both. The idea itself for the most part wasn't well received by the public, and for sure wasn't liked for those that are colorblind.

This year the Minnesota Vikings will host the Dallas Cowboys in a Thursday Night Football game at US Bank Stadium on December 1st. The Vikings took to Twitter today to show off their uniforms for that game.

Oh, and as you imagined, the jerseys went on sale immediately on the Vikings store/NFL store.

Thought on them? I don't hate them but they immediately made me think of the all-purple uniforms the Vikings wore a couple of times...

Getty Images

Okay, maybe I actually DO prefer the old style...unless it was the infamous "blue" instead of the purple. Glad they got that figured out. I don't hate the new color rush style, but I do feel bad for the Thursday Night Football crew and for Paul Allen who will have to try and call the game with those numbers being lost.

What are your thoughts?