Down the stretch we come in the 2013 MLB Season.  With many division races still yet to be decided as well as the addition of the 2nd wild card per league, this years chase for October should be as compelling as ever.  Take a look at my most recent power rankings and see how you think they stack up!


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    From the hot start to the recent streaks, Atlanta has been able to put together great runs this season to vault themselves to the #1 overall power ranking.  This Braves  team may be most similar to the Braves teams of old when they were winning Division Title after Division Title. Furthermore, with the division essentially wrapped up and only a formality until it becomes reality, the Braves will reap the benefits of their great regular season and get some rest before the postseason.


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    LA has been the model of consistency over the last few months, which was a far cry from the way they started the season.  With a mix of veteran leadership at the plate from guys like Adrian Gonzalez to the instant energy burst of Yasiel Puig, the Dodgers have every thing pointing in the right direction for a deep run in October.  The only area of weakness may be at the back end of their pitching staff.  Solid 1, 2 & 3 guys, will LA be able to get stability from their #4 starter, we'll see...

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    Boston Red Sox

    The Boston Red Sox are in a completely different place this September than in 2012.  A renewed since of excitement in the clubhouse from their new manager has translated to a much better season than a year ago.  Pitching may be the only concern for the RedSox down the stretch as their offense has been very productive and efficient all season long.

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    St. Louis Cardinals

    Is it shocking that the Cardinals are in this position at this point in the season?  The model of consistency resides in St. Louis and they are trying to fight off the pesky Pirates for a division title.  If Molina can stay healthy and Beltran bats like he usually does in September and October, the Cardinals will be just fine.  Currently holding a 1.5 game lead over their division foes, this is one division race to watch until the final day of the season.

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    Detroit Tigers

    When Detroit lost in the World Series to the San Francisco Giants, the players that came back made it a point in the offseason to take that next step to get back and win this year.  With Miguel Cabrera flirting with a second consecutive Triple Crown and Mighty Max almost unstoppable on the mound, the Tigers find themselves atop the division once again in September and are pushing towards another great run in October.