I struck out deer hunting this year. I took three shots at two different bucks. I missed shots at about 130 yards and 200 yards. If it were legal for me to fill my tags in the back yard of my Sioux Falls home, I could do it on any given evening. This winter we have had a lot of deer in our back yard. However I didn't realize how many were rolling through until I set up our trail cam again.

Last Thursday we caught a couple of does bedding down in our backyard. My wife spotted them when she was up with one of the kids at around 3:00 AM. Then I woke up at 4:30 AM and they were still there.

Andy Erickson/Results Radio

Then on Sunday at about 12:15 PM my wife hollered at me that there were deer in the back yard again. This was strange since we had never seen them in the day time.

Andy Erickson

So I set up the cam and got video of quite a few deer. Being a deer hunter this is really frustrating. Right now the Sioux Falls Police are hunting deer and trying to reduce the number in the city. I wish there was a way for me to take the deer in my back yard. So instead I just get to watch them torment me on the automated camera. Check it out below!

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