It's do or die for an NBA championship in South Beach for the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. There's 48 minutes left until an NBA champion will be crowned in the biggest game of the sports, Game 7.

LeBron James is chasing his second championship while Tim Duncan is chasing his fifth title. The Heat are trying to become the NBA's next dynasty while the Spurs are trying to continue their basketball success. Only one can win, and it's for all the marbles.

San Antonio holds the advantage as the Spurs are 6-0 in games trailing losses, and the Heat haven't won two straight games since beating the Chicago Bulls in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. So, as a result, can the Spurs respond, or can the Heat close?

The Spurs "Big Three," can become one of the NBA's greatest with a win. Duncan could win his fifth, and Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili could win their fourth ring. For the Heat, their "Big Three" legacies would just grow. James and Chris Bosh would win a second, while Dwyane Wade would win his third title.

For the Heat, the "Big Three," have to learn to play as one on the court. In fact, James has played better with Wade off the court. James has scored 36.4 points compared to 23.0 points, and is shooting 54.1% compared to 38.9% when Wade is on the bench.

Bosh stepped up with a big offensive rebound that led to the game tying three-pointer and overtime clinching block on Danny Green.

For James, Wade and Bosh, they will need to play like they did in Game 4 where they combined for 85 points.

Meanwhile, for the Spurs, their "Big Three," must play similar to Game 5, where Parker scored 26, Ginobili scored 24 and Duncan scored 17.

Lastly, the biggest difference in Game 7 may be the role players.

For the Spurs, four players come to mind. First, Green has been the MVP, as he's averaged 15.5 PPG, and shooting 51.2% from the field against Miami. Second, Kawhi Leonard has averaged 13.8 PPG and his defensive presence along with Boris Diaw's have pressured the Heat and their "Big Three" into mistakes. Lastly, Gary Neal has averaged 10.2 PPG and is shooting 43.1% against the Heat.

For the Heat, Mike Miller, Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen with their defense, rebounding, and momentum changing three-pointers.

In the end, the best two words in sports is: Game 7. It all comes down to 8 p.m. CDT on ABC tonight for the Spurs and Heat.