I'll admit it - I am one of the few people on the planet who has not seen the movie Frozen. But, even though I haven't experienced the supposedly magical Disney flick, I am very aware of the blockbuster song from the soundtrack, which parents around the globe have been subjected to incessantly the past two-plus years.

And it is in the spirit of that song, and everything it stands for, that I implore some folks at the University of Nebraska - 'Let It Go'.

More than a year after football coach Bo Pelini was fired following seven pretty successful seasons, some people in Lincoln still can't stop bashing the man who was never known for his decorum on the sidelines.

The latest to pile on is so-to-be-former Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman, never a big Pelini guy himself. In his final 'State of the University' address last week, Perlman said:

I have noted that as I approach the end of my term as Chancellor, I am increasingly free from the political restraints that limit what I can say. For those of you who might be getting nervous about my exercise of this freedom, €”and you know who you are, you can relax. I'm not going to do a "Bo Pelini". You know what a "Bo Pelini" is? It is defined in the urban dictionary as an "expletive laced rant expressing outrage on leaving a position you didn't want anyway". Not going to do it.

This just in - apparently due to construction in the area, the high road will NOT be going through Lincoln anytime soon.

I am not here to defend Pelini's often boorish behavior on the Cornhusker sidelines. And yes, I recognize that despite his success in the win column (66 wins in seven years), Pelini didn't do much to bolster the reputation of the university. But, it's been more than a year now. Time to move on.

Where is Idina Menzel when you need her?

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