The NFL decided this week that they're no longer going to allow players to wear hooded sweatshirts under their game jerseys.

As ESPN's Jason Wilde said in his article today, "The league may as well called it the James Jones Rule."

Former Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones first wore his hoodie during the pregame warm up Nov. 22 against the Minnesota Vikings and never took it off before the start of the game.

He played the entire game with it on and eventually cut of the sleeves for a few of the following games in warmer weather.

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The NFL banned the hoodie because they dislike the fact it covers up players names on the back of their jerseys.

Jones told ESPN Milwaukee he wasn't surprised by the rule and that he knew it was likely to happen.

The 32 year-old receiver is currently seeking employment after the Packers let him walk in free agency this offseason.

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