Not only did NFL Shop bring their whole store, they have sectioned off a VIP area for the big spenders at Radio Row.

Just to get inside you have to spend over $300 on merchandise on the main floor and show the receipt to the guard at the entrance.

VIP Entrance for NFL Shop


Once inside the items available become even more expensive. Nike jackets for over $1,000, pictures for $800, guitars for $500 and many other high priced items.


Inside this section is a roped off area where certain people can get in and get snacks or a beverage. Access is limited to the athletes here for interviews and media members with the proper credentials.


One of thhe high priced items inside is a hat made by New Era. This limited edition cap is made of calfskin and comes with a 18 carat removable pin. New Era has only produced 25 of these hats, so naturally it's worth $2,500..

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