Not only did the NBA season start last night but also the season for new basketball commercials everywhere and Nike killed it right off the bat with an inspirational ad with LeBron.

If you don't get it, "Come out of nowhere" is referring to LeBron's famous chase down block during the NBA finals last season.

The comments that LeBron makes during the ad are also things that he's had to overcome or received hate for over his 14 year career, "you're not suppose to play 40 minutes", "you're not suppose to pass the ball so much", "you're not even suppose to be here". Maybe this is just a coincidence, but probably not.

I've said it many times, when LeBron gets his statue build in Cleveland, it will be of his block in game 7 and this ad just proves that "the block" will always be remembered for. It's his version of MJ's "the shot".

Nike has always been at the top for inspiring and clever commercials but this one has to be up there as one of the best. The way they tied the slogan into motivating people not to give up is one of a kind.