The Green Bay Packers are predicted by many for another successful season and their strength of schedule may help them.

Out of all the 32 teams in the NFL, the Packers ranked 32nd in strength of schedule while the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers tied for first.

This season Green Bay's opponents had a .457 winning percentage last season but that doesn't mean those teams won't be better this season.

For example, opening the season with Jacksonville is no longer cakewalk and with a healthy Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Cotls could be a tough game week 9. Other questionable games could be back-to-back home stands against a healthy Dallas Cowboys week 6 and New York depending on which Giants team shows up week 5.

The three toughest games on the schedule are easily the two games against the Minnesota Vikings week's 2-16 and against the Seattle Seahawks week 14. While the easiest games should be against the Detroit Lions week's 3-17 and away against the Washington Redskins week 11.

The return of Jordy Nelson and signing of tight end Jared Cook could fix the Packers offensive woes from last season, be careful on already penciling them in for 13 wins.

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