How many times have you been watching a golf tournament and wondered 'who put the pin there?'

Well, now you can have a say on one pin placement at the PGA Championships.

For next month's final major of the 2013 season, the PGA is letting fans select the hole location for the Par 3 15th Hole at Oak Hill for the final round of the PGA Championship.

Cast your vote here for one of four options:

1) 6 yards from front fringe and 4 yards from the right fringe. Brings both the water and front left bunker into play.

2) 23 yards from the front fringe and rough and 7 yards from the left fringe. Tucked closely to the middle bunker.

3) 25 yards from the front fringe and rough and 4 yards from right fringe and rough. Brings water hazard into play.

4) 30 yards from the front edge of the fringe and 7 yards from the left fringe and rough. Plays the longest and brings the back bunker into play.

You can even see a flyover of each option before you cast your vote.