How many times have we attended a high school/college/professional game in which someone sitting around you is constantly yelling about how they could coach better than the guy working?

Kind of like a backseat driver, it just becomes more annoying than anything else.

But, in this case, what if the "backseat coach" is your 4-year-old grandson? I don't think he is yelling about his grandfathers "awful job" but rather trying to help.

Decked out in a suit, (way too big of a) tie, and the basketball play calling board, the grandson of St. Joseph's Head Coach Phil Martelli is ready for the big time. Best part? He's doing it all from the bench.

The young 4 year old mimics his grandfather's motions throughout the entire game.

I don't know about you, but if I was a college athletic director, or an NBA general manager, I would be signing this kid up on a futures contract.