The NFL has been referred to as a "no fun league" over the past several weeks because of the crackdown on player celebrations.

Likewise, the NFL extended its "no fun" hand to the world of social media, banning any NFL team from posting live streams, video clips, GIFs and so on. Any official team social media account caught in violation of these rules could be fined up to $100,000.

So far, the rule has worked to whatever effect the NFL wanted. But, that hasn't stopped some official NFL team Twitter accounts from having fun trolling the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles provided a vivid GIF that lets those of us at home on social media see Malcolm Jenkins' highlight interception.

14 minutes later, the Cleveland Browns followed suit.

These are the first instances of official NFL team social media accounts trolling the NFL since the new social media rules went into effect on Oct. 12.

Last week, the Carolina Panthers mocked the new rule before it was even implemented. The official Panthers Twitter account tweeted "AndersonToBenjamin.gif," mocking the NFL and proving to social media users how ridiculous the new rules are.

The NFL may be trying to remove the fun out of the game, but I'm glad official team Twitter accounts still know how to have some fun.

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