Two marquee names in free agency found new homes this week and both of them flat out got paid.

Both Zack Greinke and David Price signed with new teams this week and both deals were for more than $200 million.

Priced signed first this week with the Boston Red Sox on a seven year deal worth $217 million.

In a bit of a surprise, Greinke signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks on a six year deal worth $206 million.

Unlike David Price's deal that has a opt out clause after three years, there is no opt out clause in Greinke's deal with the D-backs.

These amazing valuable deals with pitchers aren't a new occurrences as we've seen Clayton Kershaw and others get crazy amounts of money lately and it goes to show the value MLB teams see in elite pitching talent.

Just look at the five year deal the Giants gave Jeff Samardzija, who ended up getting $90 million total.  The Giants thought they were going to be able to add Greinke, but when that didn't pan out, the necessity to sign a pitcher was there and Samardzija was their next choice.

It used to be that big boppers and home run kings were the most coveted by fans on a MLB diamond and some front office personnel fell into that trap and didn't reap the rewards of the franchises that went the route of pitching.  Now you see the biggest dollars usually going to the pitchers and this off-season is a prime example of that.