When you talk to regular folks who follow politics from a distance you get a general sense of the climate leading up to the November election.

Rick Knobe and Viewpoint University went to Josiah’s Coffeehouse and talked to people who are watching the election spectacle unfolding. Student Lee felt that party leaders chose the next one in line instead of Democrats finding someone ahead of the curve.

“The Democrats chose to put forward an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year. She’s the poster child for (the establishment). I think that was a mistake on their part. They should have found somebody not establishment at least as far as the public sees it.”

Lee was also critical of the Republicans for pushing their own establishment candidate because the voters had their own idea of whom they wanted.

“I have to silently chuckle and say the leadership of the Republican party has gotten just what they deserve because they have failed in recent years to actually lead. Their guy Jeb (Bush) was out (of the race) before the gate hardly opened. Now they are paying the consequences for that.”

Nationally, Lee sees a sharp divide among right and left with both sides just listening to themselves which makes the leaders less effective.

A word of caution from Lee is the prospect of the payday loan business aligning itself with the South Dakota Constitution through Amendment U should voters approve of the measure.

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