Sioux Falls area residents that are looking at getting into running, or those that are avid runners, have the chance to improve using the Sanford POWER Runners Program.

The Sanford POWER Runners Program is specifically designed for Sioux Falls residents. Beginners or advanced runners have the opportunity to improve strength, running economy, and also prevent overuse injuries. A nutrition educational presentation on the specific needs of runners is included in the Sanford POWER Runners Program.

Classes are offered on Thursday's at the Sanford Fieldhouse in Sioux Falls. The sessions are split into two different timeframes with one class offered from 5:30-6:30 AM, and the other session from 7:00-8:00 PM. These times are good through the fall and winter of 2018.

The Sanford POWER Runners Program is another great opportunity for adults and kids offered in Sioux Falls. Sanford POWER also runs adult circuit classes during the week, a Sanford POWER Volleyball Academy, and the Sanford Middle School POWER Program.

More information and registration for the Sanford POWER Runners Program can be found online through Sanford POWER.


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